Monday, August 03, 2015

Motherhood & Depression: Guest On Dr. Hibbert's Radio Show

Join me as a guest on Dr. Christi Hibbert's new radio show "Motherhood" discussing motherhood and depression. If you haven't struggled with it yourself, you probably know someone who has. Listen in for ideas and advice centered on helping new and seasoned moms cope, and like Dr. Hibbert always says: not just survive it all, but learn to grow and flourish through it!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

"I look like a big girl now."

Eva was very excited, telling us all she looked like Maren now and like a big girl. Today though after putting on her Sunday dress, she said, "My missing tooth doesn't match my dress.":)
Eva at Knoles' Veteran's Day Assembly after losing her first top tooth.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Break: Month 1!

Eva catching crawdads.
Maren found a dead fish! Older kids in back jumping off!
RED ROCK in Sedona with ward friends and cousins!
Jumping off the rock ledge!
Posing at Cairns on way back from Rope Swing.

Maren and Eva found a kid size slide.

DATE NIGHT: 9 Rounds of Golf (short version) at CCC with the Larsens.
Jen and Jess against Royce and Coby-We actually won:) Thanks to handicaps.

Maren got picked out of the audience to hold the Corn Snake!

Brynne and the Skink.




Python licking Eva's foot!

Maren and corn snake getting to know each other a little better:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break!

Day 1: Drive to Huntington Beach, California---Eat, Play, Sleep!

The kids got in the water right away,
even though it was very cold and they hadn't changed out of regular clothes-
Brynne got knocked over by a wave eventually and got soaked!

Maren has no problem getting down and dirty no matter where we are:)

Dunc was the best at finding cool seashells.

Royce tired after driving 6 hours.

Eva eventually got knocked over by a wave too and ended up soaked:)

Jen 6 1/2 months prego with Allison.

Day 2: Disneyland!
Our first time down Splash Mountain! Eva and Royce
re the only ones smiling:) It ended up being Eva's favorite ride.

Kids posing in their 3D glasses for Star Wars.
Eva posing in Tarzan's Tree House:)
Space Mountain-Jen and Brynne's favorite.

Maren surprised us all, loving all 3 roller-coaster rides.
Brynne and Royce too. And Duncan's fav was Indiana Jones.

Maren, Dunc, Royce on Pirates of the Caribbean.
The second time we all agreed to keep our eyes open and smile:)
Warming up after water play.
Day 3: Beach Again!
Maren making a new friend-as usual!

Duncan digging, Eva playing, Brynne wading out-the bravest of us all!